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Update: Syracuse Will Fund Transportation For The Entire Band, Crisis Averted


Update: According to various marching band members on social media and the official account of the band, the University has decided to fund transportation for all.

Earlier: The Pride of the Orange Marching Band might be a bit smaller than usual at the upcoming New Era Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium. Members of the Syracuse Marching Band who are too far away to take a bus to New York for the game have been informed that travel expenses wont be paid for, a major difference from 2010.

Members found out today and have taken to social media to get the word out.

Though members of the band weren't allowed to comment due to media restrictions, former SUMB color guard member Sandra Bedoya was eager to comment.

"I was angry that such a wonderful, hardworking group of students and fans have had their chance at attending a bowl ripped away from them," she said. "Members of the SUMB put in endless hours of rehearsal time."

The SU Marching Band rehearses several days a week and gets to the Carrier Dome hours before the team does on game days.

"In the end, bowls are about football, but the experience is so much more," Bedoya said. "It's about the desire to support your team, to see them through no matter what. Nobody does that better than the Syracuse University Marching Band."

A member of the band created a petition to convince the University to pay for travel expenses. In just an hour, it had over 100 supporters.

There's no doubt the atmosphere will be much different at Yankee Stadium without the entire band, especially in comparison to West Virginia's group, which has around 400 members. If you're interested in supporting the cause, the petition is here.