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Syracuse CB Julian Whigham Thanks FSU Fans For Support After Injury, Hopes Seminoles Win It All

Props to FSU.

This past Saturday, Syracuse got absolutely destroyed by Florida State, losing by 56 points in Tallahassee. While the loss on the field was bad, Syracuse also had to worry about Julian Whigham, one of the team's defensive backs. In the first half against FSU, Whigham suffered a chest injury that required him to be taken off of the field on a stretcher and stay overnight in the hospital due to internal bleeding.

Seminoles fans were very respectful as Whigham laid on the field, and most showed obvious concern for him rather than celebrating an opponent leaving the field. After the game, Jimbo Fisher even visited Whigham in the hospital to see how he was doing.

Whigham took to Twitter to thank FSU fans for their support and class, and told them that he hopes the Seminoles win it all this year:

In his Monday press conference, Fisher briefly commented on the hospital visit:

Just another example of great sportsmanship, and Jimbo Fisher understanding that there are things more important than football. Props to FSU, and best of luck to Whigham in his recovery.