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Syracuse Coach On Being Huge Underdogs To FSU: "I Still Think We Should Go Play Them Though"

He's right.

At this point in the season, it's almost hard not to feel bad for teams that have to try to match up against Florida State and Alabama. The two top-ranked teams in the country have set themselves apart the rest by not only winning, but dominating every facet of the game with regularity.

This week, Syracuse is lucky enough to be taking on the Seminoles at Doak Campbell Stadium. Florida State is favored by nearly 40 points and Syracuse has had a few performances this year that have Orange fans questioning if their team can keep this one respectable. Even head coach Scott Shafer has acknowledged that the odds are against his team, and he took a humorous stance -- he doesn't just expect the players to roll over:

I like the attitude from Shafer, and hopefully the teams buys in 100% as it looks to play spoiler -- nobody wants to see another blowout.