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Syracuse Football Coach Scott Shafer Is Not Impressed By Atlanta's Handling Of Snow

He's stuck in Atlanta

Update: Shafer deleted his controversial tweets but later addressed the situation. He says that there was "no harm meant" to those affected by the storm. He had been taking serious heat from college football fans earlier in the day.

Earlier: Syracuse head football coach Scott Shafer has famously embraced the Central New York community, including the massive amounts of snow that the city receives every year. He's made the term "hard-nosed" his personal catch-phrase when describing the people of Syracuse, and what he hopes for his team.

Of course, Shafer also wants to compete on the field, and with a few days left until signing day, he found himself in Atlanta trying to pull in some southern football talent. When a snowstorm that was light by Syracuse standards effectively shut down the city for the day, he was none too impressed:

Shafer's tweets may sound a bit harsh towards a city that is not used to dealing with winter weather, but he did seem to enjoy at least one southern institution during this recruiting trip last night: