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How Syracuse And Pitt Fans Felt During, After Tyler Ennis' Buzzer-Beater

There's one thing Syracuse and Pitt fans can both agree on after tonight's game.

That was incredibly stressful.

In the end, Syracuse won 58-56 on a 3-point buzzer-beater by Orange freshman sensation Tyler Ennis. Here's what those final moments felt like for fans.

Watching Syracuse point guard Tyler Ennis take the shot...

Image Source: Tumblr via Team Brallie

Image Source: Tumblr via Radioirwin

Realizing Ennis just made the game-winning three...

Image Source: Tumblr via Tightanis

Image Source: Tumblr (Source: sheerjo, via i-am-spider-man)

Image Source: Tumblr via RainbowSparklesKitten

How Pitt fans felt immediately after reality set in...

Image Source: Tumblr via Fandomlicious

How Syracuse felt after reality set in:

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Image Source: Tumblr via toofunnot2love