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Syracuse Social Media Report: Conference Play Edition

Jerami Grant climbing the boards.

The Orange have officially made it halfway through conference play, giving us a perfect time to assess how many followers have been gained since out-of-conference play.

A lot has happened since then. The team found out it hates the state of Pennsylvania. Both James Southerland and Dajuan Coleman have been sidelined for various reasons. Most importantly, player roles have changed drastically. No longer is Jerami Grant some freshman who only gets a few minutes a game. Michael Carter-Williams' assist explosion has quieted down and C.J. Fair has emerged as a key cog in the offense. 

Last Report: 14,727

This Report: 16,665

Percent Change: +13.16%

Brandon Triche, the fearless senior leader of the team, still remains atop the follower leaderboard. After a slow start to the season, he has gained momentum and stepped up as the aggressor Orange fans hoped he'd become. 

2.Michael-Carter Williams

Last Report: 12,716

This Report: 15,465

Percent Change:+21.62%

Carter-Williams has has made a huge jump, passing Rakeem Christmas, who had almost 1,000 more followers at our last report.

Carter-Williams has been garnering national attention as one of the best point guards in college basketball. His recent struggles and constant rumors about academic ineligibility may also be reasons for such a huge gain. Carter-Williams is still substantially behind Triche, but at this pace, he could definitely catch up.

3.Rakeem Christmas

Last Report: 13,434

This Report: 14,330

Percent Change: +6.67%

Christmas has been quiet since conference play began, but had a huge performance against Notre Dame. If he continues the strong play we saw on Monday night, he might just catch back up with Carter-Wiliams. 

4.C.J. Fair

Last Report: 11,307

This Report: 12,789

Percent Change: +13.11%

5.Trevor Cooney

Last Report: 6,074

This Report: 6,721

Percent Change: +10.65%

6.Jerami Grant

Last Report: 3,774

This Report: 5,659

Percent Change: +49.95%

No, that's not a typo. Grant made an absolutely staggering jump, flying past both Dajuan Coleman and Baye Keita in the follower count.

Grant has emerged as a fan-favorite this season since Southerland was sidelined. His performance against his brother, Jerian of Notre Dame, got national media attention and was a big part of the jump. In his last six games, Grant has averaged just around 10 points and 5.5 rebounds per game. This block also didn't hurt.

7.Baye Moussa Keita

Last Report: 4,490

This Report: 4,855

Percent Change: +8.13%

8.DaJuan Coleman

Last Report: 3,894

This Report: 4,431

Percent Change:+13.79%

9.Griffin Hoffmann

Last Report: 2,153

This Report: 2,245

Percent Change: +4.27%

10.Matt Lyde-Cajuste

Last Report: 791

This Report: 847

Percent Change: +7.08%

11.Nolan Hart

Last Report: 637

This Report: 745

Percent Change: 16.95%

Tweet of the Week:

It looks like Nolan Hart has been playing music a little too loudly in his apartment recently:

12.Albert Nassar

Last Report: 669

This Report: 698

Percent Change: +4.33%

13.Russ DeRemer

Last Report: 590

This Report: 443

Percent Change: -24.92%

What's going on, Russ? How'd you lose so many followers?