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Watch: Syracuse QB Spikes Ball On Fourth Down To Lose Game

Rex Culpepper spikes the ball on fourth down.


End-of-game mental mistakes don't get much worse than the one suffered by Syracuse Orange quarterback Rex Culpepper today.

Syracuse was trailing N.C. State at home, 36-29, with time running out. Culpepper took a big sack on third down, setting up a 4th and goal with seconds remaining on the clock.

Culpepper appeared to forget what down it was and spiked the football on fourth down, sealing the loss for the Orange.


Here's the full third and fourth down play by Syracuse. It doesn't get much worse than this:

Woof. "Unbelievable. Rex Culpepper, who's supposed to be a high-IQ, veteran QB, just took a huge sack on 3rd and goal when Syracuse had no timeouts left. He then spiked it on 4th down with 1 second remaining. Wow," Danny Emerman of the Daily Orange wrote.

"Rex Culpepper had roughly 30 seconds to throw the ball away. Didn’t. Then spiked it on fourth down. The 2020 Syracuse season, ladies and gents. Just pull a Costanza and leave on that note..." ESPN's David Hale added.

Culpepper finished the game by going 23 of 44 for 254 yards and two touchdowns. That's a solid game with a disastrous, mind-boggling mistake to end it.