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Syracuse's AD Says That Orange Fans Won't Need To Donate Or Buy Ticket Packages For Games At Georgetown

Syracuse and Georgetown rarely join in the same celebrations, but this morning was certainly one of those times when it was announced that the two schools have come to a four-year agreement to reignite what was the Big East's premiere rivalry starting in 2015-16.

The news has only gotten better for Syracuse fans this afternoon. Washington D.C. is a major alumni center for SU, and because of that, and Orange fans' penchant for travelling to road games, Georgetown began to set perimeters on who could buy tickets to Syracuse-Georgetown games at the Verizon Center. This usually meant that Syracuse fans were forced to either buy a three-game ticket package with a few of Georgetown's worst home games, or making a donation to Hoya Athletics—neither one is an attractive option, but it was generally preferable to paying hundreds of dollars for nose-bleed seats on Stubhub.

Syracuse athletic director Dr. Daryl Gross joined ESPN CNY radio to discuss the series earlier, and stated that Syracuse fans would no longer be boxed out of buying tickets to the games at Georgetown.

Some Syracuse fans wanted this to be included in any future series with Georgetown, but it didn't seem likely. Gross certainly deserves plaudits from Syracuse fans for not only helping get the rivalry back on track, but pushing for Syracuse fans to be allowed to go see the road games without jumping through extra hoops.