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The 10 Dumbest Tweets We Read This Week

Anyone who spends any time on Twitter can tell you that there are both positive and negative aspects to the social media medium. Twitter gives fans direct access to their favorite coaches and players. It also can be used as a place for supporters of different teams to banter. Unfortunately, not all of it is in good fun. People can get nasty when talking about either their own squad or a rival.

This week, there have been some especially noteworthy tweets from fans who might be considered just a little delusional. We've gone through and found the 10 most ridiculous ones out there.

And yes, as the above photo would indicate, Alabama fan Harvey Updyke, who famously poisoned Auburn's oak trees, makes an appearance. What he tweeted out about the Tigers is almost hard to believe.

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10. Urban 'Mayer' Should Be Fired

For the first time in his career at Ohio State, Urban Meyer lost a regular season game. The Buckeyes fell last weekend to Virginia Tech, 35-21. 

Naturally, someone is calling for Meyer to be fired. 

There are a couple issues with this tweet (and concept) that need to be addressed. 

  1. It's Urban "Meyer," not Urban "Mayer." If you're going to call for a coach to be fired, at least spell his name correctly. Perhaps there is a dreadful high school coach in Columbus named "Urban Mayer" and that is who this person is talking about. That would make more sense. 
  2. Urban Meyer is 25-3 in his career in Columbus. The Buckeyes are playing without their starting quarterback in Braxton Miller and had to replace four starting offensive linemen and running back Carlos Hyde. They're going to lose some games this year. 
  3. What does "(expletive) no (expletive) offense" even mean? 

Ohio State hosts Kent State this Saturday at 12 p.m. E.T. According to this tweet, Meyer is likely coaching for his job. 

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9. Notre Dame Is Cheating

Notre Dame notched its second win of the season last Saturday. The Fighting Irish blew out Michigan, 31-0, in what could be the final regular season game ever played between the two rivals. 

Led by quarterback Everett Golson, Brian Kelly's squad looks very, very good thus far. They're rising in the polls and have become a serious College Football Playoff contender in the minds of some. 

They have to be cheating, right? That's what one person thinks, anyway. 

Claiming that Notre Dame is cheating is one thing, but what does the race of the Fighting Irish's players have to do with it? Is he saying that Notre Dame is a Catholic school so all of its players have to be Catholic? Or that it's impossible for an African American to be Catholic? Or both?