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The 15 Least Expensive BCS College Football Teams To Watch In Person In 2013


Last week, we showed you the 15 most expensive college football teams to watch in person in 2013. This time around, we're using the same data to give you the exact opposite - the 15 least pricey teams to see.

Of course, a school's inclusion on this list doesn't mean that it has a terrible football program. Stadium size, city population, and the quality of a school's opponents are all major factors in determining how much money it will cost you to see your team on the field. That being said, the majority of the programs on this list have struggled to consistently win games over the past decade, so it does make sense from a competitive standpoint as well.

A quick explanation of how we went about compiling out data - we chose the cheapest seats available for each game, so our data truly reflects the least amount of money you'd have to spend to get in the stadium.

Without further ado, here are the 15 least expensive BCS college football teams to watch in person in 2013.

15. Iowa State - $461 total - $38/game

14. Syracuse - $459 total - $38/game

13. Maryland - $458 total - $38/game

12. Duke - $455 total - $38/game

11. Northwestern - $426 total - $35/game

10. Purdue - $380 total - $32/game

9. Boston College - $373 total - $31/game

8. Miami (FL) - $353 total - $29/game

7. Baylor - $348 total - $29/game

6. Georgia Tech - $342 total - $28/game

5. Arizona - $341 total - $28/game

4. Kansas - $318 total - $26/game

3. Illinois - $308 total - $26/game

2. Pittsburgh - $300 total - $25/game

1. Virginia - $284 total - $24/game

The conference breakdown is as follows: eight from the ACC, three from the Big 12, three from the Big Ten and one from the Pac-12. Vanderbilt (SEC) would have been the 16th least expensive team on the list.

As for why UVA came out on top (or bottom) - there are two main reasons. One - the program haven't been all that competitive in recent years. Two - Scott Stadium has a capacity of 61,500, which is far more than some of the other schools on this list - for example Duke's Wallace Wade Stadium can only hold 34,000.

The Cavs exciting non-conference matchup against Oregon definitely helped their cause, but the home games against the likes of Ball State, VMI and Duke just don't draw enough interest. Wahoo-wahhhhhh.