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The 25 College Football Programs That Dominated The 2013 NFL Draft, Statistically

How did your school do?

One of the major talking points for college football bragging rights concerns how your school's players perform at the next level. While there is no guarantee that being a great college player will lead to professional success, there is something to be said about teams that send a lot of players to the league. 

We decided to take a look at the 2013 NFL Draft and rank which schools sent the most talent to the league. Then we compared that to each team's 2012 campaign and final AP ranking to see if the schools with the best NFL talent really did outclass the others.

We used a reverse point scoring system to rank the teams. There were 254 players drafted in 2013 -- so the first overall pick (Eric Fisher) earned 254 points for Central Michigan. Conversely, this year's Mr. Irrelevant (Justice Cunningham) earned 1 point for South Carolina. Once we matched up the corresponding value for every player drafted, we totaled them up by school and ranked them from highest to lowest. Is it a perfect science? Of course not. But it's an attempt at determining which college football programs produced the most NFL talent in a mathematical way.

Without further ado, here are the top 25 teams that dominated the 2013 NFL Draft:

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25.Illinois - 458 points
Players Drafted: 4
Highest Draftee: Hugh Thornton - Pick 24, Round 3 to the Colts
2012 season: 2-10 overall, finished unranked

Illinois was a major disappointment in 2012, there's no way around that. Sending four players to the NFL is impressive any year, but especially after winning only two games.

24.Michigan State - 485 points
Players Drafted: 3
Highest Draftee: Le'Veon Bell - Pick 16, Round 2 to the Steelers
2012 season: 7-6 overall, finished unranked

Michigan State was the classic team without a true starting quarterback in 2012. Despite having Bell, a workhorse back with serious NFL talent, the Spartans just could not put the ball in the endzone.

23. NC State - 505 points
Players Drafted: 3
Highest Draftee: David Amerson - Pick 19, Round 2 to the Redskins
2012 season: 7-6 overall, finished unranked

The Wolfpack had an impressive secondary last season, and that was validated by two middle round picks in Amerson and Earl Wolff. Replacing the pair will be one of NC State's most important tasks for 2013.

22. Wisconsin - 508 points
Players Drafted: 3
Highest Draftee: Travis Frederick - Pick 31, Round 1 to the Cowboys
2012 season: 8-6 overall, finished unranked

Wisconsin's success over the past few seasons has been heavily dependent on the running game, so it's no surprise which players the Badgers sent to the pros. Losing two very good offensive linemen and Montee Ball will be tough to overcome.

21. UCLA - 518 points
Players Drafted: 4
Highest Draftee: Datone Jones - Pick 26, Round 1 to the Packers
2012 season: 9-5 overall, finished unranked

A very well-rounded draft for the Bruins, losing players on offense, defense, and special teams. A bit surprising that Datone Jones went in the first round, but UCLA fans are thrilled for him.

20. Mississippi State - 519 points
Players Drafted: 3
Highest Draftee: Darius Slay - Pick 4, Round 2 to the Lions
2012 season: 8-5 overall, finished unranked

Mississippi State had a solid defense in 2012, but it will have a hard time replicating that next year. Losing two second-round corners is substantial, and Josh Boyd was a force at defensive end as well.

19. Syracuse - 525 points
Players Drafted: 3
Highest Draftee: Justin Pugh - Pick 19, Round 1 to the Giants
2012 season: 8-5 overall, finished unranked

A win for the Big East! Most people wouldn't expect the Orange to send much talent to the NFL, but Syracuse was a big surprise in this year's draft. Pugh going in the first round was a bit of a shocker, but Ryan Nassib and Shamarko Thomas hit right around where they were projected as very solid middle-round picks.

18. Clemson - 536 points
Players Drafted: 4
Highest Draftee: DeAndre Hopkins - Pick 27, Round 1 to the Texans
2012 season: 11-2 overall, finished #11 in AP Poll

A very good draft class for the Clemson Tigers. DeAndre Hopkins is extremely athletic and will fit in perfectly opposite Andre Johnson.

17. Rutgers - 560 points
Players Drafted: 7
Highest Draftee: Logan Ryan - Pick 21, Round 3 to the Patriots
2012 season: 9-4 overall, finished unranked

Another major Big East surprise. Rutgers fans are probably disappointed with this 17 ranking -- after all, only five teams sent more players to the NFL this year. The fact that four of the seven players drafted went in the 7th round is "hurting" the Scarlet Knights a bit, but it's still surprising to see that many for this program, period. Rutgers may have actually underachieved a bit in 2012.

16. Texas - 569 points
Players Drafted: 3
Highest Draftee: Kenny Vaccaro - Pick 15, Round 1 to the Saints
2012 season: 9-4 overall, finished #19 in AP Poll

A pretty down year for Mack Brown's team in regards to the NFL Draft, but it's a testament to how much talent Texas normally sends to the next level. In Austin, it's disappointing to have only three NFL-caliber players leave, especially when only one of those is a first-rounder.

15. West Virginia - 626 points
Players Drafted: 3
Highest Draftee: Tavon Austin - Pick 8, Round 1 to the Rams
2012 season: 7-6 overall, finished unranked

West Virginia's offense was electric for most of last season, mainly due to the three players drafted this weekend. While it was Geno Smith who garnered all the attention as a Heisman candidate, Tavon Austin wound up being the elite NFL talent, going in the top ten. Losing Smith, Austin, and Stedman Bailey is really going to hurt the Mountaineers in 2013.

14. Oklahoma - 637 points
Players Drafted: 6
Highest Draftee: Lane Johnson - Pick 4, Round 1 to the Eagles
2012 season: 10-3 overall, finished #15 in AP Poll

Oklahoma has been one of the best programs in the country at sending players to the NFL Draft, and this year was no exception. Only seven teams had more players drafted than the Sooners' six, highlighted by Lane Johnson at fourth overall.

13. Notre Dame - 653 points
Players Drafted: 6
Highest Draftee: Tyler Eifert - Pick 21, Round 1 to the Bengals
2012 season: 12-1 overall, finished #4 in AP Poll

Notre Dame was one of the teams with the most NFL talent in the country, and still managed to overachieve that talent level. Tyler Eifert and Manti Te'o were studs, but the Irish had four late-round picks as well. If Te'o doesn't slide and Kapron Lewis-Moore wasn't hurt, the Irish could have been even higher.