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The 64 Most Annoying Fan Bases In College Sports: BBN Region

BBN region of College Spun's Most Annoying Fan Bases bracket.

College sports fans, though passionate and loyal, can also be really, really annoying. But who's the worst of the worst? We've gone through and picked out the 64 most annoying fan bases in college sports. You guys are going to tell us which deserves to be crowned the most intolerable of all. You can vote on the #FSUTwitter Region here, the #WeAre Region here and the #PAWWWL Region here.

The 64 Most Annoying Fan Bases Bracket

College Spun's "most annoying fan bases" bracket.

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1. Kentucky Basketball Fans vs. 16. Tournament-Only CBB Fans

Kentucky fans vs. Florida fans.

Big Blue Nation or fans who only come out for March Madness? Woof.

2. UConn Women's Basketball Fans vs. 15. Syracuse Lacrosse FansTwo former rivals matchup in an unlikely contest.

UConn women's basketball fans vs. Syracuse lacrosse fans.

3. S-E-C Chanters vs. 14. Boise State Football Fans

SEC fans vs. Boise State fans.

People who don't even rep their school vs. people who don't know how to stop.

4. Indiana Basketball Fans vs. 13. Wichita State Basketball FansA fan base looking to return to glory vs. a fan base still looking for respect.

Indiana fans vs. Wichita State fans.

5. Auburn Football Fans vs. 12. Oregon Football Fans

Auburn fans vs. Oregon fans.

Two schools that Alabama fans love to hate - one a bit more than the other, however.

6. Drake Apologists vs. 11. NC State Basketball FansPeople who support Drake's many fanhoods vs. people obsessed with ripping on other fanhoods.

Drake vs. NC State fans.

7. Louisville Basketball Fans vs. 10. People Who Talk About Their NCAA Bracket Picks

Louisville fans vs. people who talk about bracket picks.

Kentucky's nemesis vs. the nemesis of anyone who actually likes college basketball.

8. Ohio State Football Fans vs. Coach Cal HatersTwo squads that honestly might be under-seeded.

Ohio State fans vs. Calipari haters.

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