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The ACC Just Broke A Record For Teams In The Sweet 16

The 2016 NCAA Tournament has been full of upsets, but none of the victims - so far - have been ACC squads. In fact, after Syracuse's win over Middle Tennessee, the league is now an astounding 12-1 through the first two rounds of the event. Pittsburgh, a 10-seed in the East region, is the only team from the conference to not make it past the first weekend. Talk about impressive.

">March 21, 2016

As you'd guess, no conference in NCAA Tournament history has ever had six of its squads reach the Sweet 16. For those counting, that means that 38% of the remaining field hails from one conference. And think about this - Louisville, one of the best squads in the country, wasn't even eligible for the tournament.

Which squads from the ACC remain? 3-seed Miami in the South, 4-seed Duke from the West, 1-seed UNC from the East, 6-seed Notre Dame from the East, 1-seed Virginia from the Midwest and 10-seed Syracuse from the Midwest. That means that an all-ACC Final Four is actually still possible too. It's also possible that six of the eight Elite eight teams could come from one league.

As ESPN's Brett Edgerton notes, the ACC's competition thus far hasn't been top-notch. The best win is Syracuse's first-round victory over 7-seed Dayton. Still, in a tournament full of unpredictability, it's impressive that none of the squads have faltered.

">March 20, 2016

Will the ACC break more records in the coming weeks? Or will teams from other conferences start to step up?