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The 5 Syracuse Basketball Players You Need To Be Following On Twitter

These guys can brighten up any Cuse fan's day.

The sports world is becoming centered around social media when the players aren't playing. Syracuse Basketball has its fair share of social media gurus with Klout scores of 50 or above, but which player is the best to follow? Which player has the most entertaining tweets? Who gives cool behind-the-scenes information about practice or other players? Here are the top five from the Syracuse Basketball team:

5. DaJuan Coleman - @dajuancoleman99

Coleman wasn't always the most active person on Twitter. When he committed, I checked him out online and was disappointed with his lack of activity. But since joining the squad, he's stepped his tweet-game up, big time. He uses Twitter in a very similar manner to the way Dion Waiters used it during his time at Syracuse. He goes on retweeting tangents and fills timelines with mentions about himself. While that strategy is annoying to some, it provides a boost to the Orange Nation fan base. It's an awesome feeling to get retweeted by a player on the team.

4. C.J. Fair - @cjfair Fair's strength on Twitter is his fan interaction. He'll reply to anyone who sends him a tweet. When his timeline isn't filled with replies, it features thoughts about practice, the fans and the season. C.J. is a fan favorite and is typically known for the headband he wears during games. Last season, his headband even got a Twitter account of its own, tweeting things it might say during a game - but sadly, it no longer exists.

3. Brandon Triche - @Bswish20

Triche is a big fan of tweeting out photos of his outfits. He's always dressed to impress and he likes to show that off. He's another player who will interact with fans, retweeting and mentioning them often. He even throws in inspirational quotes and nuggets of wisdom every once in a while. He has the most followers of any SU basketball player with over 13,000.

2. Michael Carter-Williams - @MJCWilliams MCW is one of the most well-rounded Twitter users on the team. He'll tweet about practice, about games and about the fans. He'll retweet and reply if you mention him. And he even adds personal commentary on current events. The other night, he was tweeting about the presidential debate. My favorite tweets are when he comments on everyday life on campus at Syracuse University.

1. Rakeem Christmas - @R_Xmas25

Christmas is a great follow. He does it all on Twitter. He'll promote new music that he likes, welcome new recruits to Syracuse and post some great photos from Instagram. He retweets fans and articles, but he's never overwhelming - just enough so you always get a good dose of Rak in your timeline. RIght now, he's the best follow, but that could definitely change as the season goes on.

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