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This Is The Only Graphic You Need To See During March Madness


The running theme of this year's college basketball season is that no team is safe. With 19 upsets by unranked squads over those ranked in the top 5 this season, it's easy to see why the 2013 NCAA Tournament is going to be one of the most wide-open in history.

Other sites have often made "parity charts" to illustrate the theory that any one team really can beat any other team. With the NFL and the NBA, it's pretty easy to throw together a graphic that shows teams beating each other in a circle. But I wanted a bigger challenge. At the beginning of the season, I told myself that once every team had won and lost a game each, I'd set out to create a parity chart of every NCAA basketball team. But I ran into a problem.

You see, Grambling State never won a game (0-28). Every other team in the NCAA won a game - they didn't. So while I can't create a true parity chart, I figured I'd create one that ended on the Tigers. 

The chart starts on the bottom left with Wichita State and ends (as you guessed) with Grambling State. Some of the logos are probably tough to read, but it was pretty difficult to fit them all onto something viewable. 

It answers the question: Which teams should you bet on this March?...with the answer being a giant question mark.