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Two Syracuse Radio Stations Wage War On Each Other Via Twitter

Shouldn't they be supporting the same team?

There's been a lot of discussion in the past few weeks about the changing landscape of Syracuse media, specifically radio. Two of the main stations took it upon themselves to take shots at each other on Twitter before coverage of yesterday's game against Indiana. 

The Score 1260 took the first shot: 

It was a direct shot at ESPN Radio CNY, who is sponsored by Syracuse University, and therefore is viewed as not independent enough to actually criticize the program when it is deserved. Then the local ESPN affiliate fired back:

The big knock on The Score 1260 has been its transition to national radio shows rather than local content. Mike Lindsley recently left the station and was replaced by Doug Gottleib's national show, and therefore Syracuse basketball is only part of the show rather than its only focus.

This battle is just beginning, and we'll keep you updated with more developments as they come.