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UConn Fans Had Themselves A Day Reacting To Potential Syracuse Violations

Something to cheer about.

It's been a difficult month for UConn fans. Despite the men's basketball team's 20-10 season, the Huskies are ineligible for postseason play after NCAA president and Syracuse alum Mark Emmert decided to institute new academic regulations that could punish schools retroactively (contrary to what he said would be the case beforehand).

Syracuse has also been a cause of torment for UConn in the conference realignment saga. Syracuse, along with Pittsburgh, was one of the first to declare its intention to leave the Big East and will be joining the ACC this summer. UConn has been unable to find a new conference to call home since that announcement in 2011.

Despite the hardships that have been endured by UConn and its fans over the past year and a half, the past month has brought a lot of joy at Syracuse's expense. In their final game against their arch-rival, the Huskies defeated the No. 6 Orange, with Ryan Boatright declaring that Syracuse was "leaving the Big East with a bad taste of UConn in their mouths."

Then, while UConn had to sit at home during the Big East Tournament, Syracuse lost a double-digit halftime lead and fell at the hands of Louisville in the championship.

As if the Orange's collapse in the final Big East Championship wasn't enough, Syracuse is potentially now in deep trouble with the NCAA for major infactions (via Dennis Dodd, CBS Sports).

While UConn fans let it sink in that the NCAA Tournament does not include the Huskies this year, they will take whatever they can get, and Wednesday's news allowed fans to have a lot of fun. As you can see, The UConn Blog even made a Syracuse dartboard in mockery of the Orange based on a quote from Dodd's report.

When asked to characterize how wide-ranging the probe might be, a source with knowledge of the case told “Throw a dart at the [NCAA] Manual [and you would hit a violation by Syracuse]."

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