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Video: Gregg Doyel Asks Jim Boeheim About Retirement, And This Website Has The Answer

Jimmy B coming back?

Controversial CBS Sports writer Gregg Doyel was given the opportunity to ask the first question in yesterday's post-game press conference. He asked the question that had been asked a million and a half times over the past month. Will Boeheim retire? Of course, Boeheim is sick of this question by now and took the opportunity to take some shots at Doyel. 

Doyel tweeted right after the altercation...

There was no reason for Doyel to ask that question and he knew he'd get a reaction like he did - but as I said before, he's controversial. 

Since then, a website has been launched for reporters to keep track of Boeheim's status. If you're wondering, just head over to to find the answer.