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Video: Jim Boeheim Talks About The Time He "Saved" Rick Pitino's Marriage

Jim Boeheim speaks at a press conference.

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino has been married to his wife Joanne since 1976. According to Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim, one of the reasons why the two have been together for nearly four decades is because Pitino's wife lived with Boeheim and two of his roommates at the beginning of the marriage while Pitino -- who was an assistant under Boeheim at the time -- was out on the recruiting trail. According to Boeheim, "it had to get better" than living in his apartment for two weeks, which is why the Pitinos have been together for so long.

Pitino was an assistant under Boeheim from 1976-78. The two haven't coached against each other since the finals of the 2012 Big East Tournament, when Louisville beat Syracuse, 78-61.