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Video: Seth Davis Wears Syracuse Wig, Waves Orange Pennant On Live TV

Fair is fair.

After Seth Davis made his now-infamous call that Montana would defeat Syracuse in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, he actually even took it a bit further, taking a bet from a New York radio show on the outcome of the game. After the Orange destroyed the Grizzlies tonight, Davis paid off his half of the bet on live television.

Davis was forced to wear a Syracuse wig and wave an Orange pennant on-air on TruTV tonight, and he even threw in an orange lei just for good measure. The two radio hosts - Glenn "Gomez" Adams and Dave Coombs of the TK99 morning show - would have had to jump in an ice-cold New York lake in Montana gear if the Grizzlies had pulled the upset.

How do we think Davis looks in orange?