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Video: Syracuse Coach Scott Shafer Referenced ISIS In Bizarre Post-Game Speech Friday Night

It's been a frustrating few weeks up in Syracuse, New York, as the Orange has put forth two less-than-inspiring performances in a row - first against Notre Dame, next against Louisville. But in the team's post-game press conference Friday night, head coach Scott Shafer tried to put everything into perspective for both fans and the media. His choice of words, however, was a bit out there.

Shafer took exception to a reporter who used the word "despair" to describe the state of affairs at Syracuse. He responded by saying "I'm the luckiest guy in the world" and making it clear that what's going on with ISIS is a much bigger problem. Check it out:

Shafer isn't wrong - a college football game does pale in comparison to the much larger issues facing our country. It's just an odd thing to bring up in a post-game press conference, that's all.