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Video: This Kanye West Remix Of Coach K's "Amazing" Rant After Loss To Syracuse Is, Well, Amazing

Mike Kzryzewski talks after loss to Syracuse.

Twitter/Coach K

Mike Krzyzewski was not happy with his Blue Devils' Monday night loss to Syracuse at Cameron Indoor Stadium. During his post-game press conference, he referred to the end of the game, which featured a few controversial calls that helped the Orange, as "amazing." Of course, many fans found comedy in that statement because of Duke's reputation for getting questionable calls throughout the years. 

North Carolina's SportsChannel 8 made a very funny remix of K's presser, using his quotes over Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak hit "Amazing," spliced with clips of many, many controversial calls that have helped the Blue Devils over the years. We're sure ACC fans, especially supporters of the Tar Heels, will appreciate this one.

[SportsChannel 8]