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Vines: Marcus Smart's Suit For Tonight's NBA Draft Features His "Life Story"

Update: NBA analyst Jared Zwerling got an up-close look at Smart's jacket lining, and a full description of all the designs included.

Original: The wild suits that the players attending the NBA Draft are always a major talking point, and without seeing many of the outfits yet, it might be hard to top Marcus Smart's. The NBA tweeted out a quick Vine preview of the suit, which features the Oklahoma State guard's "life story." The lining of Smart's jacket has a number of designs, including a map of Texas with a star on his home town of Flower Mound, his High School logo, and what we presume is his mother's name. We assume that he has some Oklahoma State stuff included as well, but they don't catch that in the six-second video.

I'm sure there is plenty more that we'll get to see during tonight's broadcast.

The NBA also gave us a quick look at the suits of Doug McDermott, Noah Vonleh, and Tyler Ennis.