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Why Syracuse Should Play Football In An Outdoor Stadium

Everyone knows Syracuse plays in the Carrier Dome. But here's why they shouldn't.

The Carrier Dome isn't going anywhere, but what if it did? Here are four reasons why 'Cuse's football team should play outside:

Weather: Believe it or not, football can be played in the snow, even in upstate New York. Syracuse did it until the Dome was built in 1979. Plus, snow would only be a factor near the end of the season. And snow games are fun for everyone.

Exclusivity: The football team shares the Dome with the basketball and lacrosse teams. Having a place exclusively focused on football would benefit the team, the fans, and the staff that has to constantly transform the place.

Tradition: Football is an outdoor sport by nature. Didn't your mom always tell you not to throw the pigskin in the domehouse?

Temperature: Despite its name, the Carrier Dome has no air conditioning. It may save the school money, but it gets hot. Fans might enjoy a game where they weren't sweating the whole time. I think Syracuse fans are a little more accustomed to the cold anyway.