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Why We Will Miss Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews is leaving ESPN.
erin andrews dos equis john saunders

erin andrews dos equis

Fear struck the hearts of millions last Friday when the headline read: "Erin Andrews Is Leaving ESPN". The nation breathed a collective sigh of relief after it was revealed that she is not leaving the world of college sports altogether, but is instead moving to FOX Sports. However, now that she will stay in-studio to co-anchor a new college football show, we will miss out on plenty of opportunities for fantastic new "EA" moments. Here are some our fondest memories:

Her Friendliness and Accessibility to the Fans: Erin's Twitter page is loaded with pictures of fans who are absolutely enamored with her. She is the #1 idol for all aspiring sideline reporters due to her extremely outgoing and fun personality. That award-winning smile doesn't hurt her cause either.

College GameDay Fun: College GameDay is the absolute best college football preview show on Saturday mornings, and Erin Andrews is a huge reason for that. She has fun entertaining the students that line up to see the show, and she does some of the best interviews on television. Also, she can channel her inner Lee Corso at times.

Being the Star of Stars: No, this isn't intended to reference Erin on Dancing With the Stars. While she was an excellent dancer, she also has a knack for making some of the most famous college athletes starstruck. In the past she has done fantastic interviews with players such as Cam Newton, Tim Tebow, and Trent Richardson. All of these players mention meeting Erin as one of the coolest things they've experienced. Many athletes showcase a soft spot for Erin, too:

USC's Rey Maualuga Dances on Erin Andrews

Her Candidness: Erin's candidness may be her best quality. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, and she often gives us some of the funniest moments in college sports.

There is no doubt that Erin Andrews will stay in the limelight, but she will certainly be missed on ESPN. Best of luck to EA!

Cover Image via David Shankbone / Wikipedia