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Jack Tyler On 'Bama Matchup: VT "A Dog That's Ready To Pounce And To Win A Game"

We'll find out soon if he's right.

Alabama won last year's BCS National Championship Game. Virginia Tech, conversely, needed to rally late in the season just to reach a bowl game. But if you ask linebacker Jack Tyler, he says his Hokies aren't scared of their week one matchup with the Tide. Here's what he had to say at Tuesday's press conference, via

"I don't think anybody's really intimidated. Football is football. I think everybody's here for a reason. They all wanted to play prime-time college football and that's what this game is going to be. Everyone's excited. I don't think I really see intimidation in anyone's eyes. I think I see a dog that's ready to pounce and to win a game."

While you have to love Tyler's confidence, the last thing anyone needs to give Alabama coach Nick Saban is more locker room material. Something tells me we'll find out soon enough how much fight VT's "dogs" have in them.