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Virginia Tech Assistant Reveals Interesting Recruit Tactic

College football recruiting is a tough job - you not only have to convince top high school players to play for your program, you have to make sure that you actually want them in the first place. Of course, it doesn't just boil down to how successful they've been on the field.

Friday, Virginia Tech assistant Zohn Burden revealed an interesting tactic he used to determine whether his program should recruit a player on a recent trip. He claims he asked the janitor at a high school about a player's attitude, got bad news, and walked out instead of pursuing him. In short, he only wants players who are held in high regard by everyone at a school.

">April 15, 2016

Burden's tactic makes perfect sense - nobody wants a player in their program who already has a negative reputation.

So beware, high school football players. You need to be on your game - on and off the field - at all times.