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Virginia Tech Football Promoting Season Tickets With Bizarre Turkey Video

Virginia Tech turkey.


Virginia Tech wants to sell some football season tickets, and it is using some bizarre turkey footage found on YouTube to do so.

Teams will often put together hype videos or messages from coaches and players to try and pump up fans into buying tickets. The Hokies went in an entirely different, and if we're being honest, more interesting direction this afternoon. Virginia Tech football posted a weird video of turkeys running around, menacing humans, and just generally looking mean in its latest pitch for tickets.

Perhaps whomever runs Tech's social media efforts saw the bizarre "turkey seance" video, featuring a giant group of the birds circling a cat, that went viral on Thursday.

I really have no idea what is happening with any of this, aside from the fact that turkeys are bizarre creatures. Buy Virginia Tech tickets, I guess? Or don't. I don't know.