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Virginia CB Chuck Davis Won $100k In State Lottery

There aren't many ways for college athletes to make big money while in school, but Virginia's Chuck Davis found one of them.

Davis, a Fairfax, Virginia native, transferred to the program from Nebraska, and sat out last season.

He was home visiting his family, and stopped to buy coffee for his mother after an early workout.

While there, he bought a state lottery ticket, using five numbers suggested by his grandmother. The combination won him $100,000.

Davis got a big novelty check and everything for the big win.

Here's what he told the Virginia lottery about the moment he saw his numbers come up. From ABC News:

"I looked at the numbers on the website after the drawing and said, 'I ... won!'" he said.

It goes to show you... doing nice things for your mother and listening to your grandparents are generally wise decisions.

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