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Photo: TCU Players Were Bored During Last Night's College World Series Game

The unfortunate thing about baseball is that the game can get kind of boring, especially when there's no scoring for several innings. That happened during last night's College World Series game between TCU and Virginia: Virginia scored a run in the first inning, TCU scored two runs in the second and Virginia scored a run in the fifth. The game then went another 10 innings before anyone scored again.

Around the 12th inning, some TCU players got bored, and you can't blame them. Sitting in a hot dugout for 10 innings without anyone on your team scoring must be brutal. To combat this boredom, a few TCU players decided to have some fun. One player decided to try on the most intense rally cap of all time, while another did something strange with his sunglasses and a couple of Powerade cups.

Unfortunately for TCU, these silly good luck charms didn't work as well as they had hoped: the Horned Frogs fell to the Cavaliers in 15 innings, 3-2.

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