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South Carolina Linebacker Kaiwan Lewis Organizes Free Football Clinic For Children

Here's a really nice story to kick off your Monday: South Carolina linebacker Kaiwan Lewis -- in an attempt to give back to his community -- organized a free football clinic for youth in his hometown of Pleasantville, New Jersey. Lewis enlisted the help of Penn State linebacker Brandon Bell, Virginia linebacker Max Valles, and Sacred Heart safety Gordon Hill for the clinic and approximately 20 kids between the ages of 6 and 14 came out "to listen to the Division I football players talk about life and football," according to The Press of Atlantic City.

The four players set up different drills with the kids. They worked on footwork and coordination by using cones and rope ladders. They then had a little bit of fun, participating in a game of two-hand touch with the kids.

Afterward, Lewis huddled everyone up and talked about his upbringing; how to act in school and toward your parents, teachers and coaches; and just life in general.

"The game of football changed my life, and it showed there was a more positive world out there for me," Lewis said.

It's really nice to see players giving back to their community, especially through the game of football. After, Lewis called the experience "the best decision of my life I made."

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