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Former Wake Forest Coach Jim Grobe Regrets Not Leaving For Nebraska In 2007

In 2007, former Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe had the chance to leave the Demon Deacons for Nebraska. Grobe was a year removed from leading Wake to an 11-3 record and an ACC title, and his stock was incredibly high. While leaving for a historically bad program like Wake for a traditional powerhouse like Nebraska seems like a no-brainer, Grobe stayed in Winston-Salem, where he remained until he resigned the end of last season.

In an interview with CBS, Grobe -- who is now a television analyst -- said that in retrospect, he regrets staying with the Demon Deacons.

When asked if he regrets not taking the Nebraska job, Grobe doesn't hesitate. "I do now, I didn't at the time," he said. "I honestly took great pride in Wake Forest. I had some really good friends there. I trusted some people there. I thought Wake was a little different than other schools. I really, at the time, felt we were going to get a bigger commitment in terms of facilities and support for the program that never really materialized. We loved all 13 years we were in Winston-Salem, but I'm not real happy with the way things ended."

Considering how Grobe's tenure at Wake ended -- he went 23-38 over his last five seasons -- it's not surprising that he's second-guessing his decision.

There were some other interesting quotes in that story, like Grobe saying that former star quarterback Riley Skinner actually hurt the program, and that there were problems with support for the program as the team's expectations went up. It's a really interesting interview, and it's certainly worth checking out.