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Baylor Alum Takes Out Ad Rebutting Earlier Editorial Praising Departed President Ken Starr

Last week, a group of Baylor alums paid for a full-page editorial advertisement in the Austin American-Statesman thanking former Baylor president and chancellor Ken Starr for his service to the university. Given Starr's dismissal in the wake of the ongoing sexual assault scandal at Baylor, this ad wasn't particularly well-received. 

This week, another ad appeared in the Austin paper. The ad, courtesy of Roger Sanders, a 1966 Baylor alumnus and self-described "country lawyer" from Sherman, Texas, bashed Starr, saying that "whatever his other contributions, the overriding disgrace of Judge Starr's tenure will linger."

">@Baylor supporters ad from last week praising Ken Starr

— LKinTX (@LoriKreitman) June 12, 2016

Sanders went on to admonish his alma mater for valuing "quick victory over abiding integrity."

"Look, we all like to win. I entered Baylor in 1966 when Baylor had suffered a zillion straight losses to Texas in football," Sanders said. "I hated it. But trying to correct that at the expense of one rape by one football player tolerated by one Baylor president, administrator, or Board member – that is flat disgusting."

There's plenty more in there from Sanders, and it's worth reading his note in full. Given the warring ads and the report that some big donors want to bring back disgraced head coach Art Briles, it doesn't seem like the mess at Baylor is getting cleaned up any time soon. 

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