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Baylor Admits It's Under NCAA Investigation Over Sexual Assault Scandal

Baylor confirmed it's under NCAA investigation via a federal court filing.

According to, lawyers working for Baylor confirmed in a federal court filing that the NCAA is currently conducting an "ongoing, pending investigation" into the university as a result of the sexual assault scandal that led to the firing of head football coach Art Briles and the departure of school president, Ken Starr.

Up until this point, Baylor officials have been reluctant to confirm whether or not an official investigation from the NCAA was taking place, and the court filing essentially removes all doubt. Baylor officials have asked the judge to protect the communications and confidentiality of the investigation from attorneys of the multiple women who are also suing the university.

Baylor has been marred by scandal for over a year as more than a dozen women have come forward and filed lawsuits alleging the schools mishandled or ignored their rape claims. The school is also facing a civil rights investigation and a state criminal investigation. The lawsuits allege that a "culture of violence" exists within the football program.