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Former Baylor Basketball Star, Dallas Cowboys Rookie Rico Gathers Defends Alma Mater Amid Scandal

Rico Gathers starred for Baylor on the basketball court, but the former Bears big man is looking to continue his career in professional sports on the gridiron. Gathers was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the sixth round to play tight end. Gathers spoke about graduating from BU, and touched on the scandal. that has enveloped its football program. From The Dallas Morning News:

"I'm glad to say I graduated from Baylor University."

Gathers called Baylor a "prestigious institution" and later defended the university's reputation.

"It's been real difficult," Gathers said of the school's recent sexual assault scandal. "Baylor is a good place, man. Certain events are really shining down on it right now. But I'm glad to say I graduated from Baylor.

"Baylor has been real good to me, real good to my family and for the most part, I enjoyed my four years there."

It is understandable for someone to have pride in his alma mater, even in the face of scandal. Unfortunately, Gathers followed it up with a pretty problematic statement, when asked if he thinks Baylor football can recover.

"I mean, it happens to all major programs. One day it's one program, next minute it's another program. After so much time, they're going to forget about that stuff anyway."

Unfortunately, sexual assault is an issue for many major programs, and college campuses across the nation. We sincerely hope, however, that not every program handles its issues the way that Baylor did under Briles, sweeping accusations under the rug and discrediting the women that brought them forward. And we certainly hope that people do not "forget that stuff," because that only helps create a toxic culture like what developed at Baylor.

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