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Jim Grobe Says Media Took Shawn Oakman Comments Out Of Context

Jim Grobe clarified his Shawn Oakman comments, and blamed the media for taking his original answer "out of context."

Shawn Oakman, the former Baylor defensive end who was indicted on sexual assault charges in the spring, was in Baylor's locker room after the team's win over Rice. His presence, as well as Art Briles being in the stands for the game, has drawn ire from the college football media and fans. On Monday, Grobe said that he didn't "know who Shawn Oakman is," which brought even more criticism.

Today, Grobe clarified his comments, saying that he is obviously aware of the Oakman situation, but doesn't know the player personally, and didn't recognize him in the locker room. From ESPN:

"When I left the press conference Monday I didn't think there would be any confusion. I thought the basic assumption was that I didn't know Shawn Oakman. I would not recognize him, I'd never met him before. And to say I don't know who Shawn Oakman is does not mean I don't know the situation, but I don't him personally. And so I wouldn't be able to recognize him if he was in our locker room."

Grobe then blamed the media for taking his original statements out of context.

"Had I recognized him, the situation would have been handled differently. But regardless of that, my comment of 'I don't know him' was taken out of context and the way it was portrayed by some in the media, in my opinion, was unprofessional."

Jim Grobe was hired to ground a program that in many ways spun out of control under Briles. His unwillingness to take any blame here, when coaches always preach that things ultimately fall on them, is a bit strange. A quick "I didn't realize that was Shawn Oakman, he obviously shouldn't have been allowed in the locker room, it was a mistake that won't happen again" should've been easy enough. Of course, things with Baylor so rarely are.