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Photo: Baylor Football Puts Up Tarp With A Brick Design Around Inside Of McLane Stadium

Baylor football spent $250 million on the brand new McLane Stadium. So far, early returns on the facility are that it's beautiful, and if you ask Bears head coach Art Briles, it's the best college football stadium in the country. Unfortunately, this picture suggests that the school didn't get to do everything that it wanted with McLane, because of having real bricks line the inside of the stadium, Baylor put up a tarp up in the design of bricks.

">September 1, 2014

Maybe the school didn't have enough money to make the inside of their stadium lined with brick, maybe this was done deliberately, or maybe it just ran out of time and it plans on adding bricks during the offseason. No matter what, this is a silly look for one of the nicest stadiums in America.