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Seth Russell Injury Update: Baylor QB Has Dislocated Ankle, Getting X-Rays

Seth Russell has a dislocated ankle coming from this play.


Seth Russell injury update: Baylor's starting quarterback has a dislocated ankle, and is being taken in for x-rays at Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

Earlier in the game, Russell was tackled, and suffered an incredibly gruesome-looking injury, that most watching thought would be a season-ender. Watch the play with caution, especially if you are squeamish.

According to ESPN Big 12 reporter Jake Trotter, Baylor says that its starting quarterback has a dislocated ankle, and he is going in for x-rays.

A dislocated ankle is incredibly serious, but based on the video, it definitely looked a lot worse. We wish Russell a speedy recovery. We'll keep you updated as more comes out about the extent of Russell's injury.

Oklahoma leads Baylor 42-24 early in the fourth quarter, in this game, which could be instrumental in deciding the Big 12 champion. Oklahoma is 7-2, while Baylor is 6-2 on the season, though the Sooners are 6-0 in Big 12 play.