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Waco Letter To The Editor Says Art Briles Did Nothing Wrong, Blames Females For "Frolicking" At The Bars

Letters to the editor are an important facet of every newspaper. They allow the readers to hold the reporters accountable and voice their own opinions about their community. 

Not every letter to the editor needs to be published, though. 

Specifically, the following letter to the editor in the Waco Tribune probably should not have been published. 

The letter, regarding Art Briles' firing from Baylor, says the Bears' coach did nothing to deserve his punishment. It also faults female students for "frolicking" at the bars. Briles was fired amid Baylor's sexual assault scandal; multiple Bears' football players have been alleged and/or charged with sexual assault. 

Here's part of it:

Art Briles has done nothing to deserve this treatment. It’s time we the fans stand up for the coaches and the presidents of all universities and colleges and say to all athletes: Enough is enough. If ESPN has any kind of credibility, it will investigate all NCAA winning and losing programs to show that these sorts of allegations go on everywhere — and that every head coach and college president should be terminated if the dubious logic of Baylor regents is allowed to stand. Art Briles is not the problem. Ken Starr is not the problem. The athletes and their moral values and ethical decisions are the problems.

As you can tell, this upsets me as a fan but more as a human being. Rape and sexual assault obviously have no place in our society. However, universities can do only so much to prevent female students from frolicking at nightclubs and then retreating to athletes’ apartments after both have been drinking. At some point all parties must take responsibility for their actions.

All state and federal laws can be in force, all the right campus rules can be in place, yet people involved in some horrible acts must ultimately be held accountable. Yes, Baylor owes every parent the security of knowing his or her child is receiving an education in a safe environment. I have twin girls of my own and would expect that as well. But as a parent, I must also teach my children to make good decisions and to think before they act.

A report into Baylor's sexual assault scandal said that, among other things, the Bears' football staff "chose not to report sexual violence and dating violence to an appropriate administrator outside of athletics." 

You can read the full letter here