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Entire College GameDay Panel Left Big 12 Out Of College Football Playoff

College GameDay aired a preseason episode this morning, and the panelists announced their College Football Playoff picks.

Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso shared the same playoff field—Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, and USC—but have different teams winning the whole thing.

Desmond Howard went out on a ledge with his wild four-team field: Alabama, Miami, Stanford, and Wisconsin.

In all of those picks, there is one common thread: no Big 12.

The Big 12 has missed the College Football Playoff in two of the first three seasons that it has been in place, and it seems like the favorite to be left out once again. As far as the ESPN team's predictions go, it doesn't help that Corso and Howard believe that Oklahoma—the favorite to win the league—is the team most likely to disappoint this season. None of the three analysts chose the Sooners to win the league.

Time will tell if the Big 12's new conference title game will give the league's teams' playoff resumes a boost. Many college football experts are clearly unconvinced that that is the case, though.