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An Iowa State Fan Came On The Court To Confront Bill Self After The Loss To Kansas

So many story lines from this game.

If you haven't heard, the end of regulation in the Kansas vs. Iowa State game had a very questionable final series. On Kansas' last possession (with the Jayhawks trailing by two), Elijah Johnson drove to the left side of the basket, slamming into Cyclones defender Georges Niang. There was no call on the play, but Johnson was awarded two free throws (which tied the game) on a loose ball foul after his miss.

Iowa State fans were livid with the no-call on what appeared to be an obvious charge. To make matters worse, after blowing out the Cyclones in overtime, Jayhawks guard Elijah Johnson threw down an emphatic dunk just before time expired.

According to multiple accounts from reporters at the game, one Iowa State fan lost it and tried to confront Bill Self. While there is no video of the event, there are pictures and Twitter accounts of the situation.

We're all for supporting your own team, but going after the other team's coach after a tough loss seems a little overboard, no?