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Iowa State AD: "Without Texas And Oklahoma, We're The Mountain West"

Big 12 expansion fell apart yesterday, and the college football world is not overly impressed with how the conference went through the process.

After an extremely public courtship with schools like BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, and others, the Big 12 leaves the expansion cycle with egg on its face, even if it ultimately made the right decision, which is very up for debate.

Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard understands how the Big 12 looks, and the complaints from the outside of imbalance within the conference. He joined KXNO's The Morning Rush with Travis Justice and Heather Burnside to discuss the Big 12 talks, and was very candid in talking about the realities of the conference make-up. His main goal is to keep Iowa State in a Power Five conference, and without Texas and Oklahoma (and their outsized influence on the league), he says the Big 12 is essentially on the same level as the Mountain West Conference.

"The Big 12 exists because we've got Texas and Oklahoma in the room. If we take Texas and Oklahoma out of the room, we're the Mountain West Conference, and we're gonna get $3 Million."

More from Pollard:

Pollard goes into a lot more detail on how expansion pertains to Iowa State, potential Big 12 divisions, and how the league compares to others in the ranks of the Power Five.

Big 12 expansion may be over for the time being, but as long as there is disagreement in the ranks of the league's schools, and the looming specter of Texas and/or Oklahoma heading for greener pastures in the coming years, we're sure rumors will continue to bubble up. When compared to how the other leagues have approached expansion, the Big 12 has been an open book, and don't expect everyone to be thrilled if it misses out on the College Football Playoff for the second time in three years, which looks fairly likely at this point.