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Iowa State Football Player Proposes To Girlfriend In Front Of Team At Practice

Iowa State Football Player proposes at practice.


Iowa State senior Kyle Starcevich proposed to his girlfriend, Tori Monroe, in front of the entire football team following a spring practice.

Iowa State football held its annual spring game on Saturday, but that wasn't really the highlight of the dayf for the Cyclones—at least it definitely wasn't for senior holder Kyle Starcevich and his senior girlfriend Tori Monroe. At the end of the spring game, Starcevich risked everything and proposed to his girlfriend in front of the entire football team. Thankfully, for everyone involved, Monroe said yes.

Check it out:

That's good stuff. Public proposals are usually tacky and uncomfortable, but this one was pretty cool. I love that the entire football team was hootin' and hollerin' in the background as Starcevich got down on one knee. That certainly had to calm his nerves just a little bit knowing he had his squad behind him. Luckily to everyone's relief Monroe said yes, thus saving Starcevich the embarrassment of becoming an internet meme. His then-girlfriend, now-fiance, seemed to appreciate the proposal as well:

Congratulations to the happy couple.