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Iowa State Seems To Have Overstated How Many Blue-Chip Recruits It Signed Today

Iowa State's graphic about its signees.


Iowa State football is pulling in a pretty solid class by Cyclones standards, but a graphic put out by the program seems to be overselling how good it really is.

National Signing Day is a huge one for the social media teams around the nation, and Iowa State summed up its class, which it says features three top-10 junior college players and five four-star recruits.

One problem: that four-star recruit stat doesn't seem to be nearly correct.

There are four main recruiting services that are the standards for college football: 247Sports, ESPN, Rivals, and Scout.

We looked through Iowa State's class on all four sites, and could only find a total of three four-star recruits.

247Sports does not have any of ISU's incoming players as a four-star, either in the composite rankings, or the service's internal rankings.

ESPN is the most generous service to the Cyclones. It lists junior college wide receiver Matthew Eaton and wide receiver Josh Johnson as four-star guys.

Iowa State has 24 commits for the 2017 class.

Rivals has no four-star players listed for Iowa State.

Iowa State has the 41st-ranked class.

Scout has one four-star, who is not one at ESPN: junior college defensive tackle Kamilo Tongamoa.

Iowa State's recruiting class shows one recruit.

So unless Iowa State is using a little-known service, at most they have three four-star recruits from two different websites. We have no idea where five comes from.

To make things more interesting, this appears to be the second time that Iowa State has done this exact thing. From the program's release on the class of 2016:

Five players in the class were rated as four-star recruits coming out of high school, including freshman offensive lineman Sean Foster, who was a consensus four-star recruit, earning the honor from Rivals, Scout, ESPN and 247Sports.

Sean Foster is listed as a four-star at ESPN, Rivals, and Scout, but is a three-star at 247Sports in both the 247 and composite rankings, although he could have been downgraded after National Signing Day. 247 has no four-stars in Iowa State's 2016 class, ESPN and Rivals only have Foster, and Scout has wide receiver Deshaunte Jones.

Recruiting at a school like Iowa State is very difficult, and head coach Matt Campbell has done a nice job injecting the program with some talent, but the numbers that they're putting out are extremely suspect.