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Two Iowa State Students Responsible For Death Threats And Racist Tweets No Longer Listed In Student Directory

Possibly the end to a sad saga.

Two Iowa State students who are believed to be responsible for horribly racist tweets and death threats made against Elijah Johnson and the Kansas basketball team have been removed from the online student directory as-of this weekend. 

In the screenshot below, two Iowa State students - Stephen Koithan and Jordan Sitzmann - refer to Johnson with racial slurs and suggest taking a loaded gun over to KU's bus. The Iowa State Dailyreported a few days ago that the two were under investigation by the school.

The removal of the students' names from the directory means one of two things. They've either been expelled, or the school doesn't want any more hate mail - the directory lists students' email addresses. When the news first broke, many message boards and blogs were circulating the students' personal information.