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Bill Self On Joel Embiid Comparisons To Hakeem Olajuwon: "They're Very Fair"

On its face, it is a bit outrageous to compare any college player to an all-time great like Hakeem Olajuwon, but many have made that comparison for new Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid. Interestingly, his coach at Kansas, Bill Self, is not shying away from that lofty comparison. According to ZagBlog's Josh Newman, he told reporters at Barclays Center that the comparisons are fair.

“They’re very fair, I said that all along and people thought I was nuts. “You watch him and watch his footwork and how effortlessly he moves, I think they’re very fair comparisons...

He has unbelievable basketball IQ. He has a natural way he goes about it, he has 10 different ways to get into you every move, so one move is really 10 moves to him. He’s a very fluid player and that’s why people are so excited about him.”

Embiid's injury history is a concern, not unlike one of Philadelphia's picks last year, Kentucky's Nerlens Noel, who missed his entire NBA season. If they both end up being healthy, Philly might have a front court to reckon with.