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Watch: A Kansas Coach Once Ate A Full Shrimp Dinner Despite Being Allergic To Impress A Recruit

Kansas coach David Beaty recalls a time where a recruiting trip sent an assistant coach to the hospital.

Going to dinner at a stranger's house can be awkward for anyone. Telling that person that you can't or won't eat their cooking is even worse. That goes for college football coaches during recruiting season as well.

One unnamed former Kansas coach decided to forego that awkward conversation, and eat a shrimp dinner at the house of a coveted recruit, despite a serious shellfish allergy.

In a video ahead of National Signing Day for the Big 12 Digital Network, Kansas head coach David Beaty, who served as wide receivers coach in 2008-2009 and offensive coordinator at KU in 2011, told the story.

The full story from Beaty.

"One of the top players that we were recruiting when I was at Kansas the first time, we went to their house and they made dinner for us. The coach that I was with was allergic to fish—any kind of shellfish—and we wanted this guy really bad. He ate the fish and his windpipe closed up, and we had to take him to the hospital after that. It was a bad deal, but we wanted that kid bad, so he had to do what he had to do. He ate the shrimp, every one of them. And I watched him start to turn red, I knew something was wrong."

We're just glad this wasn't more serious, and we're sure this coach started telling the families of recruits about the shellfish allergy ahead of time.

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