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Josh Jackson Charged With Property Damage After Allegedly Kicking Kansas Women's Basketball Player's Car

Kansas standout freshman guard Josh Jackson has been charged with misdemeanor property damage after kicking the car of women's basketball player McKenzie Calvert.

Fellow Kansas player Lagerald Vick was also named as a witness, but was not charged. He had previously been referred to as a "person of interest" in the case.

Details of the incident, from The Kansas City Star:

A news release from Branson’s office details some of what happened in those early morning hours. Calvert reportedly threw a drink on a male patron while leaving the bar. The Star has learned that the patron was Vick.

Jackson followed Calvert to her car, according to the release, and they argued. Witnesses saw Jackson kick the driver’s door of Calvert’s car and kick a rear taillight.

The Star has learned that Calvert was in the driver’s seat while Jackson kicked her car.

Investigators have interviewed several people who witnessed the reported crime. A police report categorized the $2,991 in total damage to the car as a felony. But Friday’s release listed the damage at a higher amount, $3,150.45.

Damage in the case exceeds the $1,000 minimum needed for a felony charge against Josh Jackson, but it was held to a misdemeanor, as it could not be proven that Jackson was responsible for all of the damage.

The news comes down a few days after Kansas basketball claimed its 13th straight Big 12 title, due in large part to Jackson's emergence.

We'll update as more comes out about Jackson's status moving forward.

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