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Kansas Cheerleaders Detail Hazing Ritual Involving Nudity That Got Team Put On Probation

Fans hold a University of Kansas school flag during the playing of the nation anthem prior to a game.

LAWRENCE, KS - OCTOBER 11: Fans hold a University of Kansas school flag during the playing of the nation anthem prior to a game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys at Memorial Stadium on October 11, 2014 in Lawrence, Kansas. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

The Kansas cheerleading squad is currently on probation, stemming from the accusations of hazing. Two unnamed first-year Kansas cheerleaders came forward to describe a ritual, which involved cheerleaders being stripped naked in front of alumni, and berated for their looks. The school says the matter is now being investigated.

The cheerleaders alleged that the squad's coach and others in positions of power brushed off the issue. They also refused to acknowledge it as hazing. One cheerleader says the hazing, and lack of proper response, is the "sole" reason why she is transferring out of the school.

The Kansas State Collegianspoke to the two Kansas cheerleaders.

They are not revealing their identities, for fear of backlash. However, they are two of six first-year cheerleaders that allegedly went through the hazing rituals.

After running hills near the football stadium, the cheerleaders were stripped. From there, they were placed into cardboard boxes and laundry baskets, and driven to another location, while the drivers blared music.

Later, both sources said they were taken to a room where they were asked a series of questions, and if they answered a question incorrectly, they were told to remove an article of clothing.

“They questioned me, took off my clothes and put my blindfold back on,” one source said.

Then, all six of the team’s new members were led, naked, into another room, one of the sources said.

“I remember getting put into a big laundry basket,” one said. “I was shaken around and stuff.”

Later, the source said she was moved to another room in the house.

“I had taken my blindfold off along with another girl sitting next to me,” she said, “and two alumni guys walked in and saw us naked.”

After going through the session of questions, the first-year Kansas cheerleaders were berated for their looks and abilities. According to the report, this was a common ritual within the team.

“After that, they took two girls downstairs, they had been initiated,” a source said. “And then they took me and two other girls, put us in a room together and told us we are ugly, we don’t deserve to be on the team and our skills weren’t good enough. They sat us down with all the alumni and all returning cheerleaders.”

One of the sources said this isn’t the first year the cheer team has participated in hazing. Both sources said they have been made aware of alleged initiation ceremonies that have occurred to previous first-year members of the team.

According to the report, Kansas shut down operations of three fraternities on campus in January due to hazing allegations. However, the cheerleading squad, which is on probation, has not faced the same level of scrutiny.

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