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Kansas Fans Named Their Twins "Landon" And "Lucas" After Jayhawks Forward

It isn't all that uncommon for sports fans to name their newborns after their favorite players and teams. Naming a pair of twins, without one of the parents being immediately aware of the reference? Now that is pretty impressive. Ian Sadler, a KU fan who now works at Tulsa, and his wife Meredith named their sons "Landon" and "Lucas" after Jayhawks forward Landen Lucas.

">@mctait and especially @LandenLucas33#RockChalk#SadlerTwins

— Ian E. Sadler (@TUSportsIS) May 10, 2016

The way they reached that decision required a bit of subterfuge on Ian's part. From

“When we found out we were pregnant, Meredith, a growing Jayhawk fan, knew where my thoughts were going,” Ian began. “She immediately told me I was not allowed to name our baby anything KU related, even though thoughts of Pierce, Tyrel, Jacque and other very suitable names quickly came to mind.


“A few weeks later, Meredith mentioned the name Landon, and how she really loved it. I told her I would agree to Landon if she allowed me to pick the second name. I suggested Luke, but his official name would be Lucas. She agreed. About a month later, after constantly referring to Babies A & B as Landon & Lucas, we were watching KU take on West Virginia, and, somewhere in the middle of his 16 rebounds, my wife popped me in the shoulder, and said, ‘Landen Lucas, huh?’

Unfortunately his original twins idea of "Marcus" and "Markieff" was shot down, but we think this is a pretty good KU-themed alternative.